Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Night....

When I was little and had a bedtime of 8 or 8:30 and I remember thinking that it must be a lot of fun to be an adult. I mean, you just go to bed when you're tired and you get to make a lot of decisions for yourself. If you want to read an extra 15 minutes, no big deal.

I guess that some nights that is true. Then there are nights like last night.

Here's what happened:

10 pm: I am working. My husband asks if he should turn the heat back on. I look at him like he's crazy and ask why he thinks I might have turned it OFF in January.
10-10:30 pm: Not much happens here. My husband hits the heat reset button and on the third try admits defeat. Oh, and there's a lot of huffing and puffing and not nice words being said by both of us during this time.
10:30-10:45: We debate which would be worse. Staying home without heat and hot water or dragging the children to my parents' house 30 minutes from us. Our oldest is a very finnicky sleeper and is unlikely to go back to sleep at Nona and Pop's house. We decide freezing is the lesser of two evils.
10:45: I give the Mote an extra blanket and take the baby into bed with me while my husband calls the oil company. The baby who was sleeping soundly (and who we are trying to get to sleep through the night now that she is a big girl of 5 months old) decides that's time to eat at the Mommy Buffet and be wide awake for a bit. Great.
11:30: The oil company shows up. They fix the problem. By midnight we have heat. Our excitement is ridiculous. I mean we know we had heat when we bathed the children at 6:30 pm, so this hasn't been going on so long but man, did it feel like it.
Midnight: Everyone is back in their right beds or crib.
4 am: The oldest child wakes up FOR THE DAY. Apparently, she is suddenly very afraid of the dark and monsters and the wind and who knows what else.

We are all a little tired in my house today. I sent the Mote to school anyway and have her parent/teacher conference this afternoon (that's a little preview of tomorrow's post, I'm sure!).

Oh, and that thing about grown-ups being able to sleep when they want....I guess I wasn't so right about that!

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