Monday, January 21, 2008

This is why I do what I do....

It was one of those mornings in my house.

Everyone was cranky. The baby didn't want to nap, the three old wanted to play outside in the her bathing suit and googles...and my husband was complaining that he never has any time to himself. There was bickering. There was crying. There was yelling.

The afternoon was better because we all played with our friends. They left and the morning problems returned. (As in, no, chocolate pudding is not a balanced dinner)

And then it was time for the kids to go to bed. That can be a tricky time on a good day and I braced myself for it. I vowed to remain calm and not yell at anyone. I sat in the rocker and nursed the baby while my husband bathed our older daughter, the Mote. After her bath, the Mote came into the nursery to say goodnight to her sister. The Mote sneezed and the baby laughed hard. So, the Mote kept sneezing and the baby kept laughing. I mean those yummy baby laughs where her whole little body laughs. We all laughed. It was a wonderful moment. And then, the Mote reached over and hugged the baby and said, "I am just so glad you are my little sister. I love you so much" And that makes the hard work of parenting all worth it... (at least until tomorrow's breakfast fight....)

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