Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Second Child

I wasn't prepared for this.

Our family is complete. My husband and I knew that we wanted two children and we are blessed to have them. I don't want a third child. (Maybe another dog though...) But I wasn't prepared to be a little sad as my baby begins to hit her milestones. Don't get me wrong, I'm as proud of her as I was of my older daughter. And I'm just as grateful that she is progressing so well. But I'm a little sad. A little sad that she had her first bite of rice cereal and is no longer exclusively breastfed. I'm a little sad that she is close to rolling over. I'm more than a little sad that she is 4 months old already. I love the baby stage, so I will continue to soak up every minute of her yummy babyness and look forward to her next milestone and I will allow myself to be just a little sad and a lot proud and a lot happy.

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