Friday, January 25, 2008


What a difference 20 years makes!

Teen Self: Waits anxiously for U2 tickets to go on sale and stays on the phone for hours to get tickets. SO excited when she gets tickets.
30-something Self: Waits anxiously for Laurie Berkner tickets to go on sale. Gets through immediately. SO excited when she gets tickets.

Teen Self: Can't wait for the next party!
30-something self: Dreads the next birthday party with cupcakes and crafts.

Teen Self: Has great hair with natural highlights
30-something self: Has great hair with expensive highlights.

Teen Self: Babysits a lot and often thinks that it would be easier to be the parent because you'd be in your own home and could do your own thing.
30-something self: Laughs hard at Teen Self

Teen Self: Looks forward to the weekend because there's no school.
30-something self: Still enjoys the weekend but admits to looking forward to the week because there is school.

Teen Self: Can't get the latest hit song out of her head
30-something Self: Can't get that song Moose A. Moose sings on Noggin out of her head

All jokes aside, my priorities and interests are remarkably unchanged in 20 hours. And I am proud of that.

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