Monday, January 28, 2008

Why we're not yet Ready for Disneyworld

Yesterday my mother and I took the Mote to Stew Leonard's grocery store. For those unfamiliar with this wonderful place, it is a great place to grocery shop with kids. They have displays above the food that have singing cartons of milk, chickens, eggs etc. Over the bananas is a Chiquita banana and the kids get to push a button to make her sing and dance. They love it! And the quality of the dairy, produce and meat is fabulous, so I like to go there too.
But never before have I gone to Stew Leonard's on a Sunday. At noon. It was crazy. the Mote insisted on walking next to us rather than riding in the cart. She's done this before but during the week when the crowds aren't so bad. She sort of zoned out with all the people and would wander wherever she wanted. Thank goodness my mom was there because I had to keep my eyes on the Mote all the time and couldn't find the perfect watermelon that Mote so badly needed in January.
So, I've decided we need more crowd practice before I can even entertain the thought of Disneyworld. Since Stew Leonard's has some good prepared foods at reasonable prices I think we may need to practice there so we get in our crowd practice AND I don't have to cook...

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