Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp also known as "Project Get that Baby to her Crib" is in full force in my house. My 4 month old daughter (The Who) has decided that the only place to sleep is in her carseat. I have decided that the only place to sleep is her crib. And the power struggles begin, sigh. I worry that she will not learn to roll over or move if she is strapped into that carseat for 12 hours a night. She worries that giving in to me now about the crib sets a bad precedent for the mother daughter relationship.

Let's be straight here. I love my girls. I love breastfeeding my baby. However, I am not good at co-sleeping. As in I don't sleep at all when the baby is in the bed. So, over Thanksgiving weekend we decided The Who needed to get out of our bed and into her own room, thus ending the all night buffet I had become to her. Turns out she didn't need to be fed during the night and if we put her in her carseat she slept about 12 hours straight. But she hates that crib. We've made slight progress in that she'll stay in there for a few hours as opposed to a few minutes but what happened to sleeping through the night.

Thoughts, advice, comments are all welcome :)

Here's to a well rested 2008 for all parents and children!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my friends! We have very exciting New Year's Eve Day plans. We get together with our best friends. It is very convenient that my best friend is married to my husband's best friend and their son is my oldest daughter's best friend. My younger daughter is along for the ride :) Anyway, we always spend the afternoon of New Years Eve together celebrating the holidays. We exchange gifts for the holidays, wear party hats and ring in the new year in Europe since we are all fast asleep for midnight in Connecticut.
My best wishes for a happy and healthy 2008!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Birthday Parties

Explain this to me. My daughter has a birthday party today from 3-4:30. It is for her best friend and we're all going. But it is only 1 1/2 hours...why does it take us triple that amount of time to get ready? Find the present, wrap the present (a feat with no scotch tape I might add), discover we have no card, remember that everyone needs to be showered, dressed and fed and oh yeah, the dog would like to be walked. And I wonder where the time goes and why my girls are growing up so fast. We spend all the time getting ready to go somewhere!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Clearly the wrong choice....

For all those of you were secretly thinking that of course the ice storm was the safer of my choices this morning, you were right and I was wrong. I stayed home. With a cranky and bored 3 1/2 year old and a 3 month old who thinks naps are overrated. It was not fun. We did playdough, we made Hannukah gelt, we colored and wrote our letters. We watched TV and we learned that we have a deep fear of reindeer. Who knew?
I just got to say my very favorite words, "I love you. Good night." So, I'm off to start my knitting. I'm working on a sweater for my husband, a lace shawl for myself and I have many many projects waiting to go on the needles. I think the mindless stockinette of the sweater will be perfect for tonight. That and some chocolate ice cream....

What's' more dangerous?

Venturing out for playgroup in an ice storm or staying home for the third day in a row with a cranky three year old? Decisions, Decisions......

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hmmmm...where to start?

I've been thinking about blogging forever. I should warn you that the content will be scattered. Frequent topics are sure to be "The Mote" also known as my 3 1/2 year old daughter, "The Who" also known as my 3 month old daughter and "The Goose" who is most probably the cutest dog in the entire world. Knitting is "my thing" so there will be lots of talk of that. Continue to stay at home or go back to work....expect lots of drama over that. A little ebay chat since that's a hobby. I guess I won't give away all my secrets in the first post :) Stay tuned!