Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who Knew....

I took the Mote to the doctor today for a regularly scheduled appointment. The girls and I arrived healthy and happy. We left an hour later and each girl had strep throat.

Seriously, I would have NEVER taken them to the doctor today if we hadn't had an appointment for something else. No one had a fever, no one was complaining or even acting sick. There noses have been running since November - nothing new there.

So, since the power of suggestion is so strong, my husband and I have had two and only two conversations tonight (but we have them over and over so there is constant communication).

The first is:
Does your throat hurt?
Kind of...maybe it's scratchy... (big swallow) oh, no I think it's ok.
Yeah, mine too.

The second is:
Do you think the girls will sleep tonight?
Who knows, maybe they'll be so tired that they will?
With that a child starts to whimper.....

We may be boring but we are effectively avoiding the 4 estimates we got this week to fix our basement. So, that is something.

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