Monday, March 31, 2008

My Kid Hates Horton

She has never read the book. Her grandparents drove 2 hours to take her to the movie and my daughter looked at them and said, "I'm not going. I hate him. If you would like to take me to Cinderella, that would be fine." She was not being obstinate and she was not in a mood. She was just telling it like it is. She has said the same thing about Horton for the past few months.

I respect that.

It's not easy to live with but I respect it and I can even enjoy it. In fact here are a few things that my girl has taught me to enjoy:

1. Antibiotics taste better when you add food coloring to make them rainbow color.
2. Lunch is more exciting if you arrange your food on your plate to make a lunch face.
3. Picnics of plastic food are quite yummy.
4. A rainbow pirate party - anywhere, anytime.
5. Earmuffs and bathing suits make a very special fashion statement.
6. The best way to watch TV is on a pillow mountain.

Now, I'm sending her to preschool so I can enjoy a few of these things in peace :)

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