Friday, March 28, 2008

My Top 10 Not-So-Great Mothering Moments

In No Particular Order....

1. I took my 2 day old infant to the peditrician because her diapers weren't wet. Only they were. The doctor actually made me hold a wet one and a dry one to tell the difference.

2. I took my out of sorts toddler pumpkin picking. 2 hours later we were in the emergency room with a fever of 105.

3. I told my daughter that it is ok to climb the slides in chutes and ladder because I so badly wanted the game to end.

4. I told my daughter it was a mitzvah (good deed) to watch extra TV so that mommy could get some things done.

5. I told my daughter that our new computer just doesn't got Noggin, PBS or any other kids sites. Sorry.

6. I threw out all of the Mote's paint because I just can't stand the mess.

7. I allowed the Mote to have a playdate with the class bully at my house because she lives close by and most of her school friends live a half hour away.

8. The day we went to visit the Mote's new preschool, I forgot to feed the baby before we left. Poor thing was pretty hungry by the time we got home.

9. I banned Max and Ruby from my home. I don't like those bunnies.

10. I let the Goose clean his sisters' faces. They enjoy the attention, he enjoys the licks and it's one less thing for me to do.

Stay tuned for some of my good mothering moments...I'm going to try and think of some and post them this week :)


embee said...

i join the max and ruby hatred.

Dana Prince said...

You should submit this to I'm sure this felt very cleansing :)