Monday, March 10, 2008


Whenever I get stuck on a project I'm working on, I mindlessly go through my bookmarked blogs to see what's new. Today there was precious little that was new! My many thanks to Jodifur and Embee for giving me some material to read. All the others were old posts. All of my parenting blogs and all of my knitting blogs had material I'd read several times over the weekend. Hmmm...have I mentioned I have no life?
So, that got me to thinking about this blog. I realize I don't update often but many times nothing so "blog worthy" happens in my day. Today, we spent the morning at the library and had friends over in the afternoon. It was kind of a blah day. The highlight was trying to convince the Mote that the trees really are older than her father. She doesn't believe me.
We have a crazy busy few weeks coming up, so that should give me some blog material. In the meantime, my apologies. Hey, at least there's a new post now and you don't ahve to read the old one AGAIN :)

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