Saturday, April 19, 2008

What Is In That Big Bag?

I am joining in the What's in Your Bag fun. Thanks Maggie

My most favorite Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag:

Some dirty socks and dirty spoons:

Oh, look there is a diaper (yes, just one) in there and some wipes:

Too many books for a 7 month old, a change of clothes that no longer fits and is not weather appropriate, my wallet and a toy:

Now let's talk about what's missing. I took these pictures Wednesday night after I took both kids on a day trip. Where are the snacks? Where is the change of clothes for the older child who is too stubborn to use the potty as she should? Sunscreen? Sippy cups? I'm going to repack right now in case we do this blog confessional thing again - um, I mean so that we can go out this afternoon.

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Kimber said...

Love your Picklebottom! (Oh, that sounds dirty!) I was going to get one, but I caved and bought a black leather StorkSak. Am such purse whore.
P.S. My bag doesn't even have a diaper in it. Whoops, hope the baby doesn't poop at the an inopportune time