Saturday, April 5, 2008

And Now I have to Vacuum (Oh, how I hate that)

So, the baby is now 7 months old. This week she has discovered that she can get wherever she needs to go by either rolling or slithering like a snake on her belly. That little old receiving blanket that I could put her on last Monday is just a joke now. She's off it before I stand back up.

In an effort to keep her clean I put a big blanket down on the rug. Ok, it was a little bit of an effort to keep her clean and a big effort to protect my rug from her spit up.

It didn't work.

First, she wrapped herself up in the blanket.

Then, she ended up on the rug anyway as the dog settled down for a long nap on the blanket.

I guess cleaning is the only option left.


Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

She's mobile already? Watch out!!