Saturday, April 26, 2008

Second Child Syndrome

In the routine (read: chaos) of our daily lives, there is not a lot of time of extra activities. When my first daughter was 8 months old I had her enrolled in swimming lessons (I do not recommend that in the winter with a baby, by the way), music lessons and she was in daycare part time.

My second daughter does nothing. She is enrolled in nothing. Worse than that, I don't do as much with her as I did with my first child. The Who (the baby) is an easy baby and happy to amuse herself which is good since we spend most of the day in the car, or so it seems. Maybe now that gas has hit $3.79 for regular that will change.

Anyway, by the end of the day it is all that I can do to nurse the Who, sing a quick song and, run from the nursery. However, tonight I was feeling pretty comfortable in the glider so I picked up a book and started to read. Holy crap, that kid was excited. She started kicking her legs and belly laughing at the little rabbit in the story. She turned the pages and kept looking up at me like,"Really? We're really doing this? Praise the Lord, I've been waiting for you to read to me for like 8 months now."

So, Little Who, I am asking the internet to hold me responsible for my new resolution. I'm tickled that you enjoy reading like your mom, dad and big sister and I will make it a part of the daily routine.

Just don't go expecting kids at your birthday party or anything because you poor thing, you don't even know that kids under 3 exist, do you? Better go hide the pictures from older child's first birthday party before The Who catches on that her sister had tons of baby friends while we are raising her to be a loner.


Vicki said...

Love this post! Can you imagine the negligence that a third child gets? My poor baby, we fooled her into thinking she had a party by getting take-out Chinese and then had cake! I still haven't posted on my blog about her birthday....I meant to.....does that count for something?

Anonymous said...

This post resonates with me too. And we're working on our third now. Poor child, indeed!