Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Day Challah

Or "Jen learns to Add Pictures to Her Blog"....take your pick of Titles. I can't decide.

There will be no pictures of actual snow in this entry for a couple of reasons. Number one, I am sick of winter and pretending that it is not snowy outside. Number two, I didn't actually take my kids out to play in the snow. The thought of bundling them both up and getting all cold and wet...I just couldn't. So, when their dad came home he took the big one out to shovel..oops, I mean play :)

So, here is what we did do yesterday. We baked. I loving baking bread. Yesterday's project was challah. We kneaded for a bit by hand and then decided the Kitchen Aid did a better job:

This is a really fun project to do with preschoolers. There are many breaks in the action to do other things while the dough rises. And there are all kinds of math and science lessons involved.

I meant to take a picture of the finished project but I forgot (see why I said I was still learning to take blog pictures, LOL?). So, here is what's left of the finished project:

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