Friday, February 15, 2008

A parade of "Not So Goods"

I am thankful that my family is happy and healthy and I know that I really have nothing to complain about but man, it's been one of those weeks!

Monday: I have a horrible sore throat that makes working and taking care of the kids an insurmontable challenge during the morning. My house looks like it was made without closets or cabinets since there are toys, clothes and dishes literally everywhere.

Tuesday: A blah day. The Mote goes to school in the morning and whines through the afternoon because none of her friends can come over to play.

Wednesday: The day I was waiting for. My mom is going to take the Mote to her sports class and to play for the afternoon. I am going to get some work done! We have an ice storm. At 10 am we lose power. At 2 pm I admit defeat and call the power company. Anticipated time of power recovery: midnight. I pack up the baby and the dog and off we go to my parents. I call the power company at 5 pm. We have power. I repack all of us and home we go to unpack what never needed to be packed in the first place. We order pizza, wait for the house to warm up and then I literally fall asleep sitting up in my living room chair.

Thursday: The baby throws up all morning. She can't keep anything down. The doctor gives me that wonderful 2 hour deadline to get pedialite into her or go to the hospital to prevent dehydration. I spend 2 hours spoon feeding pedialite to the baby who will not take a bottle. At dinner time I go downstairs to find water in the finished basement. I cry.

Today: The girls and I are all in our jammies. I'm cooking, writing and playing "Miss Spider"...any buggie want to play? We're going to see a friend of mine and her kids this afternoon and then my husband will be home for 5 days. YEAH!!!

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