Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Boppy: I Finally Get It

I am almost 6 months into life with my second child. I have owned a boppy since my first child was an infant, so for almost 4 years now.
Until last week, I never understood the popularity of this strange pillow type thing. I've bottle-fed and I've breast-fed but I couldn't do either effectively with a boppy. I have friends that swear by these things and I couldn't ever get it to work for me.
But, I am happy to report, that I finally get it!! I was nursing the Who this morning while playing Dora Memory with the Mote and I used the boppy. It was easy. The Who is just the right size. I was comfortable.
Yeah, I really do realize this is exciting only to me but I'm all excited that I finally figured out what the fuss is all about :)

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embee said...

my little one is 10 months old and i still use a boppy every day! glad its working for you now. i can't nurse without it!