Sunday, February 10, 2008


My girls are finally tucked in for the night and the Goose and I just sat down to watch the American Kennel Club Agility National Championship.

I've had dogs before the Goose. My last dog, Phred, LOVED to watch animals on TV. Rodeos were his very favorite but a good agility competition was exciting too. He would sit on the floor (my dogs are more couch or bed sitters than floor sitters) and stare at the TV. He would ocassionally bark or go over to the TV, stand on his hind legs and lick the screen.

So, what's the Goose doing? Sleeping on my feet. Agility tires the boy. Why exert yourself when Mom is busy on the computer, the girls are sleeping and Dad is clearly not moving for a while? I can't say I blame him. And I can't say we will ever be competing in an agility competition...hey, we did finally graduate from puppy kindergarten but it was close. I saved his certificate in case it's ever questioned.

I mean really, does this boy look like he's ready for any kind of competition?

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