Friday, February 22, 2008

A Little Bit of Spring

I took the girls to the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show yesterday. It was heavenly! There were so many beautiful flowers to look at.

The theme was "Once Upon a Time" so the Mote was all into it. She also got to plant her own pepper plant and draw with sidewalk chalk on the floor of the convention center.

I got to see green....such a treat in February!! (Can you imagine what would happen if I actually took a vacation, somewhere warm in the winter? Just the thought is overwhelming...LOL). The Who was the good baby that she is and was content in her stroller.

I restrained myself and only bought a few things. I got the Mote a Butterfly Feeder. You put sugar water in the top and it attracts butterflies. My husband is worried it will attract bees but I say it's worth it :)

I also bought these.....

I couldn't help myself....we need some spring on this Winter Storm Day :) It is brightening my whole house!

Now, we are off to bake some Challah bread. We may not get out of our pajamas today but we will be doing something productive :)

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. I can not wait until spring! It's been a long winter.

Love The Mote's drawing. :)