Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry for the lack of updates around here, my friends. The Mote has been sick and we have all been paying the price. It's been horrible. She got sick Saturday and it's been like one long tantrum ever since. Not pretty.

Anyway, today was her first good day all week.

So, tonight we hung up her new canopy. It's pink and it has butterflies. She was beside herself excited.

I was sitting on the floor directing my husband where to hang the canopy on the ceiling (what, you're surprised?). The Mote came and sat in my lap and said, "Oh Mommy. Oh Daddy. Just what I've always wanted. A canopy. And nice warm sheets."

The drama! I promise we give the child nice warm sheets every single night. Sometimes we forget other niceties (like today...socks? who needs socks with frog rain boots on a perfectly sunny day?) but sheets...those are always on the bed. I don't mess with things that might mess with her sleep!

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