Sunday, June 8, 2008

Proud to be a WAHM

Dana brings up a good point and one that I've been meaning to blog about. I've talked a lot about my kids (and random other things) on this blog but I haven't mentioned that work at home thing I do that is supposed to be part of this blog.

I do, currently, work at home. In my post-law school life, I've had a few different careers. First, as an attorney. Then, as an education specialist for the MA Department of Education. After that, I was an education surrogate parent. Now, I am a freelance writer. There were parts of all of my jobs that I really enjoyed and I don't regret any of them. However, there are some things I really enjoy about being a work at home mom in general and a freelance writer specifically:

* I make my own schedule. I am available for all school events, birthday parties, playground trips and doctor's appointments. It means that I work well into the night and on weekends but, for me, it is worth it.
* I get to hear all the funny things my kids say and watch them play all day long. I really enjoy being with them and I'm all too aware that they are only young for a short time. I feel like I need to soak up every minute of that.
* I feel like I'm still in school (which was my goal all along). I work for several different clients and write on a variety of topics. The work is interesting and rewarding.
*Ok, since I'm always honest with you my loyal blog readers, let's not forget my pajamas. I love them and now I can wear them whenever I want :)

Thanks to Dana and to Kelly for making me focus on why I love to work from home. The lifestyle isn't for everyone and, trust me, now that we're talking about work, you are sure to hear about some of the difficulties in the near future.


Kimber said...

I love working from home, too. It's definitely worth the juggling of my work schedule to be able to participate in my kids' activities. And to be the 1st one to see all their milestones. :-)

jodifur said...

I worked from home for a year and loved it! It was a mistake to go back to the office. I miss it so!

Dwriter said...


Great reasons for working at home. I remember those "soaking up" days well. And I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I'm happy to be working at home, too, even though my "little one" is now going on 20. She'll always be my little girl, but then she's under five feet tall, so I'm allowed to say that even in her presence. LOL

This meme has been fun and I'm enjoying finding all these other blogger moms out here. Too cool!

Great post.

Deb Gallardo